Several types of communities exist both in the face-to-face world of neighborhoods, clubs and associations of human beings and the virtual world of Internet communities. This category is for the manifold types of communities discussed throughout Wikipedia, and it is a subcategory of Category:Community.

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For articles about specific communities, for example The Farm — an article about a large agrarian commune in Tennessee or The Well — an article about a long-running virtual community, see Category:Communities.

For articles and subcategories that are about community topics like Organizational learning or Community development, see Category:Community.da:Kategori:Bebyggelsestyper fr:Catégorie:Types de communautés no:Kategori:Bebyggelsestyper pt:Categoria:Tipos de comunidades sv:Kategori:Bebyggelsetyper ur: زمرہ:اسماج کی اقسام zh:分类:各種社區


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