Hallway insulation

Hallway during and after construction in an apartment building in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Royal York Hallway

A hallway at the Royal York Hotel

A hall is fundamentally a relatively large space enclosed by a roof and walls.

Today the hall of a house is the space inside the front door from which the rooms are reached.


Hall is often the term used to designate a British or Irish country house.

Where the hall inside the front door of a house is elongated, it may be called a passage, corridor, or hallway. The corresponding space upstairs is a landing.

A hall is also a building consisting largely of a principal room, that is rented out for meetings and social affairs. It may be privately or government-owned, such as a function hall owned by one company used for weddings and cotillions (organized and run by the same company on a contractual basis) or a community hall available for rent to anyone.

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