A compost bin is quite simple and can be anything from a pile of compost to a rotate-able bin.

Cost Time Difficulty Age Group
10-20$US 1h easy NA


Ideal SpecsEdit

  • An ideal compost bin has the following characteristics
    • ~1 m3


The bin can be made of almost anything and be any size, shape, or material. Below is a recommended design.


  1. Create a box structure with wood or metal supports similar to the image above
    • The black lines in the graphic are pieces of wood to hold the structure up. The structure can be made any way that is reasonably strong
    • Left, Right, and Back Sides
      • 3ft high x 3ft wide. Sides can be made out of any type of wood or metal which you nail or wire together. You can sometimes find pallets for free, and three can be be used to make the sides. Remove some of the boards to allow more air flow.
    • Front:
      • 1ft high x 3ft wide. Make the front side low to the ground, so it is easy to access the compost. 1ft high is good. It is beneficial make the front side a solid, instead of open like the other sides. This makes it more durable. A piece of plywood works fine, with a harder piece of wood at the top.
    • There is no bottom.
  2. Use chicken wire to cover all the sides, including the front.
    • This allows the compost to breathe and holds compost in.


  • the compost needs to rotated every 3-6 months in warm climate, and 6months to a year in cold. A pitch fork is useful for this.
    • If you are composting sticks, or harder materales in may take longer to decompose
  • the compost should be damp under the first few inches. If it smells of ammonia then there is too much water. If it is dry under 4 inches it needs more water.

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