The term habitat comes from ecology, and includes many interrelated features, especially the immediate physical environment, the urban environment or the social environment.

The original natural habitat of the human species was likely the savanna of East Africa. The large river valleys of the world, such as the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Yellow, Ganges, Amazon, Mississippi, supported the first urban human habitats. In pre-history, these rivers were used as a source of fresh water & food (fish and game animals), as well as a place to wash, and a sewer. These relatively resource rich areas also boasted flood plains which could support agriculture, expediting the evolution of cities as a human habitat.

'Habitat' is also defined as a home/building.

Specific human habitats include:

Dwellings and shelters
houses, dugouts, yaodongs, tents, camps, campers, huts.
populated places
hamlets, villages, towns, cities, squatter camps, shanty towns.
Intentional communities
Kibbutzim, commune, ecovillages.
Prisons, Monasteries

A more extensive list can be found in Category:Human habitats.

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