How-to articles are pages describing practical methods to make or build something. They may be found in the Category:How-to.

Subject Edit

The subject of a how-to article must be related to the topics of this wiki, so homebuilding, restoration, furniture, etc. Also home maintenance or simply cleaning are useful topics.

What you need Edit

There are no special requirements to write a how-to article, exept your personal experience. In other words, you need to have made/built first what you want to describe in the how-to.

It's better to add some references, i.e. some link to other sites or the infos about useful books or manuals you read about the topic.

You can also import some text from a wiki or other website with compatible license (generally CC-BY-SA). In that case, you must add a reference to the original source and authors at the end of the page (for example, using a template like {{attrib Appropedia}} or {{Attrib wiki}}).

How to create a new "how-to" article Edit

First, browse the Category:How-to for examples and check for possible collaboration opportunities, i.e. existing articles similar to what you're considering to write.

Once you're ready to create your own page:

  • Use the box below, or click on "create a new article" link on the sidebar, type a proposed title beginning with "How to" and confirm clicking on the button "Create a new article".
  • When the edit window opens, there will be some preliminary sample text. Add information about your How-to. Do not worry about formatting or completeness, others will help and changes are easily made. Be bold.

How to write it Edit

  • First, write a brief introduction (for details, you can simply link existing general reference articles).
  • Explain the process you followed, dividing it into many steps:
1. ...
2. ...
and so on.
  • If there is some difficult step, spend some more words describing it.
  • Add a list of materials needed (with additiona infos, if you can, like prices, where they can be found, etc.). You may also add a simple list of tools.
  • Add some source or reference you found (manuals, books, or website pages) at the end.
  • And also...

Add images! Edit

Please add images to the article. If it is possible, take one photo per step. It's better to add also a simple drawing: also a sketch by your hand is good (don't worry if you're not Raffaello, other users may redraw it later). Remember that an image is often more explaining than any text!

See Help:Add images

Add a video Edit

Do you have a video? It is very helpful! You can also search for a related video on YouTube or on other supported sites. As it is very simple, in a few seconds you can add a video to the page.

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